This is a discussion between me and a friend. He is an atheist


Cheesus. Jesus is dead, he cannot love anyone now. God resurrected him so now he lives and will come back to throw all demons down and forever expel sin allowing all who came with him to heaven to live on earth peacefully under his rule. I win. You may think so, but that’s only because you’re too damned stubborn to realize that neither of us are correct. Lol I used to say that to people all the time and yes I am very stubborn but that is just the way I am. I think I am correct and you think your correct we can leave it at that! Personally, I cannot. The idea of evil not physically existing is completely ridiculous. Just because it only exists as an idea at that point does not mean it exists at all. Because it is only an idea, and ideas are present in the mind, which does NOT physically exist. As long as the idea exists it means that people CAN do it. I don’t do evil things but I have the ability to commit these evils I hear about every day so evil exists it is just that no one is deciding to commit evil in order to stay in heavens graces. Nice socks. Thanks, they are rather soft. Jesus made them soft. No, the small child in China made them soft. The fabric softener I washed them in made them soft. You know what else is soft? Your brain. And your perception of reality. Jesus is God. God made everyone and everything so if you go back to the source then Jesus made the socks and made them soft. Just because we don’t know how the Earth was made doesn’t mean your crock of bullshit is correct. Earth was created in CHAOS. Colliding asteroids (and don’t give me that “where did the asteroids come from” crap), volcanoes, plate tectonics. The fact that some extra entity snapped it’s fingers and suddenly everything was there is completely and utterly ridiculous. EARTH IS BILLIONS OF YEARS OLD. Even if God only made an atom that eventually turned into the entire universe then by that way he still made the universe. God could have made a natural process to make the world. The chaos was because he felt destructive at the time and God made it all happen to his will. God has no fingers. Look, seriously. You don’t even know this fingerless “entity” really exists. Coincidence. Consequence. ACTUAL FACTUAL INFORMATION. Not some batty Mofo’s interpretation of some extremely powerful world-creating entity that he probably made up one evening , just because he was too damn lazy to think LOGICALLY about how the universe was created. Jesus can only by one of three things. He could either be a con man who found a way to con the entire earth when no one else could. Or he could be crazy and actually thought he was the son of god but he was coherent and logical or you can call him your lord and savior and I cant accept him coning the whole world and I cant accept that he spoke well and calmly and still be insane.


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