sharing the faith boldly

hey everyone! sorry for not being here for a while. been on a mission for my church. While i was on mission i found out just how hard it is to walk up to someone and try to tell them about Christ. I want to tell you all some things that may help you when you are doing the same. One of my main concerns about sharing the faith is what if i say something wrong? what if i butcher what im saying? well that was addressed during service on one of the first days. God can use anything we say but he cant use our silence. That really helped me when it came to even saything something as simple as “Jesus loves you.” We dont need to go into a giant speech about how God has changed our lioves, we can just say simething simple in passing and that can still have an effect. Another concern i had was what if people reacted badly to what i had to say. I had to think to myself, “what are they going to do to me in public? nothing really other then maybe insult me and i then thought, well i think for God i can take some insults with a smile! After dismissing those fears i quickly got into why people love sharing their faith! you feel so great when you do! You feel even better when you get a smile! I found that i would be happy if i shared the faith with 100 people and only got one smile. That one smile means that i made some progress or that maybe, just maybe, i made someones day. I hope that this has inspired you to reach out and share your faith and the love of Christ! Love you all and hope that you continue to read what i have to say!


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