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Thanksgiving Disaster with Mom and what God wants

Everyone I have a lot to say but I don’t know how I’m going to say it. Over Thanksgiving break me and my brother had a family crisis involving my mother. first you need to know some background information. My parents are divorced and have been for a while, my mom is always hostile towards my dad, my dad is almost always kind and courteous to my mother. Once every three years my mothers side of the family has a family reunion that is about four and a half hours away from my moms house. She is jobless by choice, my dad owns his own business and is very well off. My dad goes to Mexico for Thanksgiving with his side of the family. For weeks and weeks me and my brother were excited to go to my moms family reunion as we don’t get to see them almost ever. Then the day before we are supposed to leave I get a text from both my mom and my dad to call them. I decide to call my dad in Mexico, with the international calling charge, he tells me that my mom is going to tell me that the reunion was cancelled when in fact it was not. sure enough that’s what she does. I talk to my dad again, he is trying to work out a way fro me and my brother to get there by asking my uncle to take us, my dad is even willing to rent a van to get us there, he is in MEXICO. My mom keeps us from going by yelling and screaming like she always does. I end up getting so angry that I block her number on my phone because I don’t think I can be civil towards her. Eventually she is talked into by my younger brother to take us to our reunion. While we are there everything is fine, except we could tell our mom was not happy. We are there for two days then we drive the four hours back. I am in the back seat, my mom and brother are talking for three and a half hours, then she starts yelling, now I start listening in. Long story short she blames why she is poor, why she has no job, why her life is not the way she wants it to be on me, my brother and my dad for a whole half hour. My brother looked like he was doing some weird math along the lines of “could I open the car door while we are moving, jump out, survive and look cool?” The answer was no thankfully.

The reason I tell this story because I am at a cross roads about what to do. I have a decision to make about whether I want to keep visiting her or not, there is a chance I may have to go back to therapy. I have to think about what God wants though as well, I might be able to bring my mother to Christ by continuing to visit her, but at the expense of my own mind to a point. I still don’t know what I’m going to do about this situation I am currently in. Would God want me to go through all this for her or would he rather me put my time into other people? I don’t have a license yet, so I cant even leave just on the spot if I want, I’m stuck with her for the weekend. You have to decide what the pros and cons are when dealing with your parents, put bringing them to Christ at the top, this will all change depending on your situation such as having your own family or being by yourself or if you are more affected by what others say. This is just food for thought and a reminder to keep God in on your decision making.


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