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My thoughts on sin and how God see’s it

I am not saying that I can even really guess what God is thinking but in my own opinion I think that God see’s things in black and white.

Adultery: From the Bibles way of explaining the definition of this it would be any thought that is sexual in nature about anything, that would be exactly the same in Gods eyes as if doing those sexual thoughts as actions and is treated just the same.

Now this i know a lot of people would disagree with me on but I think the even in war and in self defense that God see’s it as murder. We need to remember that our troops are to be respected but also we have to remember to pray for forgiveness as we have taken a life that still belongs to God alone. I am not saying that we should frown upon our soldiers as it is because of them that here in America we can practice our religions and freedom of speech, but I think that they should pray for forgiveness after the battles are done and pray that God protects them.

Honoring thy parents is again a black and white issue though we have to remember that sometimes our parents can keep us from our walk with Christ as well. I have a strained relationship with my mother, she will blame me for everything That is wrong in her life and it stresses me out and makes me a hard person to be around. I can’t share Christ with people well when i am like that so I have to take breaks from my mom on these occasions but i don’t give up on her because she also needs christ and i still love her very much. Those of you who read this please pray for all those strained relationships that people may have with their family as they are very hard to work through.

Now this one is a hard one as well, at first I thought having no other God except for God himself was an easy one because most of us are not going to have an altar to satan or pagan Gods in our closets but this also goes into idolatry. This is best explained as anything that takes more of your attention then God. Your phone would be a good example, how often have you picked your phone over the bible? A lot i bet! Or maybe netflix or food! How many of you would search your house for hours and hours looking for your phone? All of you i bet. Now how many of you would do the same for your bible? The word of God! I bet almost none of you, and those of you saying you would i bet you would only look for 10 minutes then give up saying you looked everywhere.

Now onto murder guys, I know we already touched a little on killing but i want to revisit it for a moment because last we talked about it we were talking about self defence and our soldiers, now we will talk about you and those you hate. Jesus told us to love everyone so already we should not hate anyone but of course we are not perfect so we do hate some people, now to add onto the fact that we should not hate others, Jesus had said that anger or hate in the heart is murder in the heart. That right there is where murder comes into this. Just think of it this way, every person you get angry with or hate, God see’s it as murder and treats it as such, just an added reminder to love, not hate, don’t murder anyone!

We have already touched up on Idolatry so I will make this real quick, God takes priority over EVERYTHING in our life, life is not about us, its about Jesus!

Taking the name of the lord in vain, we are all guilty of this one guys, even if it only once in a while. The saying OMG is a very popular one. A lot of people don’t see what is wrong with this and this one is a hard one to explain but i guess the best way to explain this one would that he is our father, our heavenly father, this would also fall under respecting your parents. Respecting and loving God is even more important since he has literally knit you together and is there for you more often then your parents. Would you say your parents name then damn? Probably not so why would you say that about your very creator and the very creator of the universe.

Sunday, a day we take for granted. Most of us go to church on sunday but how many of us look forward to that day? How many of us are sad when its over? And how many of us act the same in church as we do in real life? These are all valid questions that must be answered. The most important of these is how we act. We should be the same way we are in church as we are outside of church. Christ paid a huge price for our sins, so large a price that we cannot only give him sunday, we take this for granted so often and only use sunday as a day to repay him and its wrong, we need to make everything we do holy and perfect before God, though this is impossible if we don’t try to reach it we will fall even shorter.

Now we shall move on to being a thief. Im sure all of us know that stealing is bad so I hope I don’t have to dwell too much on this one. You can’t steal from others, if you do this you are stealing from one of Gods creations, just as you are his creation. I really hope that is all you need to know about not stealing from others.

Now onto lying, a lot of people don’t see what’s wrong a little but we have to remember that God never lies and he holds us to his same standards. Some arguments that are presented are often the ones about how it does not hurt anyone and how its for their own good but remember that again God does not lie to us even when it may hurt us to know the truth because its what we need to know for our own good. Lies may help someone for a little but in the end it will hurt them far more than you would know.

Do not envy what others have because God has given you everything you have and wanting what others have would be like looking at everything your parents have given you and pointing to the one thing you don’t have and saying your parents suck because they didn’t get you that one thing! Its very selfish when God is working a much bigger plan, its ok to want something but don’t envy, dont whine and complain saying that you don’t have that one thing, God is giving everything you need and anything on top of that is a huge gift to you all.

I hope this has helped you all with any questions on what counts as a sin. I hope that if you have been having trouble with your walk with Christ that this has helped you soften the path or even to get you to find your way again, Love you all and hope I have inspired you to better your relationship with God, God bless.


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