Christianity and Homosexuals

I know I have touched upon this before but I feel like it is important to bring it back up. I want to talk about how Christians need to respond to Homosexuals since a lot of people out there think we are supposed to yell, scream, and insult them until they cry or yell in response.

First I want to point out that in fact the bible does say that doing homosexual things such as laying with a member of the same sex is a sin. I am of the mind though that even the thoughts of doing such things would count as just with looking upon a member of the opposite sex with lust is the very same as doing those things so why would it be different with the same sex? So with this there is very little difference in me looking at a girl with lust or actually doing lustful things to a girl versus someone doing the same to the same sex. We should not be treating it like it is worse than our own sins.

All sins are equal. Me hating someone is just as bad as someone stealing something and so on and so on. Now as a reminder that we are supposed to love everyone, including homosexuals, if you don’t then you are committing a sin just as they are. Some people say they hate homosexuasl because what they do is a sin but here is something funny, you hating anyone is also a sin, Jesus said it is like murder in the heart. You have committed murder in Gods eyes. Instead of reacting in such a negative way to people who simply sin differently than us why don’t we show them the love of Christ like we have been called to do?

some people don’t want to accept the fact that they do in fact sin so they blame the homosexuals so that they can say, “Well at least im not a homosexual.” but again all sins are the same and you will have to face God with what you have said and you have to think, will what you have to say really hold up to God’s standards?

Now I want to address the people who are more mislead. You can not catch homosexuality by eating food prepared by one, or being in the same room as one. Homosexuals are not the only ones capable of getting a sexually transmitted disease. Homosexuals are the same as you and me, they are human, stop acting as if they have the plague.

I hope this cleared some stuff up, there is a pretty good chance i may have missed something, or may have worded something wrong so please ask me about this! Have a great day, thank for reading! God Bless.


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