the sin that goes most without repentance (Please read whole thing before commenting)

When this idea was first put in front of me i had some idea of where i wanted to go but then I put serious thought into what I had to do and came up with so many things that this could fall under. The question was, what do I think is the most unrepented Sin and the reason why most people will never make it into heaven.

After a long while of thinking I have come up with a combination of two. having no other Gods and not having idols. Now most people really find that having no other God except for him is an easy one but in fact when you look more into it you will find that its not as simple as just not worshipping another “being.” the subject of Idols ties into this very well as idols are anything that takes the majority of your time that is not God. If it takes significant time and thought away from God such as your phones then it is an idol and God see’s that as another God. You are to devote your life to Christ but a lot of us divide our life and try to tell Jesus to share that throne of our hearts but Jesus does not share. Jesus will either have the throne of your heart all to himself or he will get up and leave. It might seem like he is being jealous or unreasonable or even stubborn but he is the creator of the universe and so what is ugly in a normal person is completely justified when it comes to him.

Now lets move more in depth with idols. I think of it as this really, take something that is important to you, like your phone, then imagine that you lost your phone. How long would you look for it? how long would you worry? how much anxiety would you suffer at losing your phone? Then think the same thing but replace the phone with a Bible. Probably not even close to the phone right? The living word of God lost and you probably don’t care much about it being lost. Now some people are still going to be confused since they think that an idol is like something you build an altar around and worship in your closet or something. This is not the case as almost no one has those but they hold the same idea that they took attention away from God. I would suggest  a fast from technology such as your phone or your computer if you are able, you can still organize your day without a phone, buy a paper calendar or print one up and use that to plan ahead. Put away your phone for a couple hours and spend a long time with God, read your Bible and spend time in prayer about where God wants you to be.

When it comes to these sins I have to wonder how Jesus would see it. We are saved by faith in Christ but without attention and lives divided like ti is the question has to be asked, do we really have faith in Jesus Christ, our lord and Savior if we are unwilling to put down to phones to spend time in prayer and talking to God? I will never know who is or who is not going to heaven other than the fact that they must have faith in Christ but I think everyone needs to remember that we have to answer to God and he might ask us all why we spent more time talking, playing, and messing around on our phones then we did with him.

I hope that this has educated some of you or has at least opened your eyes a little more to how things may seem to God. I am not God and so cant speak for him but after some talks with my pastor about the subject and some prayer on it i think this may be a safe bet with how we should see what we do every day with what we own. its not just phones, it’s also food, clothes, you name it, anything that has taken time away from God. I wish you all a good day, God bless, thank you for reading.


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