Devotional 1(John 15:18 KJV)

If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you. (John 15:18 KJV)

We all are going to have to deal with the fact that we are going to be persecuted for simply being Christians. We are not like the world, the world moves and changes, they want to “progress” while we stand on the truth of God refusing to budge and we obstruct the flow of the world. They might try to rid the world of us or like water will try to wear us down and away but we must remain strong. Jesus never said this would be easy in fact he said it would be the exact opposite but he promises to never leave us and I know I say that a lot but I also know that we all have a fear of being abandoned and sometimes it may feel like God is absent but in reality God is never absent we are justing moving away. We need to spend dedicated time to be in the word of God and be in prayer constantly. You may say that you dont have time but you will always have time for things you make time for. Instead of watching videos read your Bible or wake up twenty minutes early just to make sure you have time to read Gods Holy word.

Prayer: Dear Lord in this time of persecution we ask that you help us to remain strong in your truth and that you help us to stay firmly in your word. Your love is great and we know you wont ever leave us. Help us to keep our faith and help us to die to our own desires every day and every hour oh Lord. In the name of Christ Jesus I pray, amen.


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