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The Power of Prayer

Most Christians know what prayer is on a basic level. Prayer is communication with God. With the move “War Room” having come our quite a while ago we all know that prayer is important but I want to raise the question of whether we pray with faith. When we pray for those that are sick or are in extreme pain we tend to pray in the direction we think the situation is going to go.

Example: (someone with cancer) LORD, we pray to you asking for you to be with [name] and their family. Be with the doctors and help them to deal with this situation and ease their hurting. Help us LORD to be able to comfort them and help them any way we can, in the name of your precious Son, Amen.

Notice that there was no prayer for actual healing. I am not saying that if we pray for someone to be healed that it will always happen or even most of the time happen but it seems that we do forget that God can literally do anything. He can and has healed the blind and sick and can do it again. There is no reason why we should not petition God to help in these situations on a more literal level. Nothing in the Bible says that we should not, it tells us to bring everything to God and yet we seem to hold back. I believe we need to trust the creator of the entire universe to handle what we cannot.

We also need to start going to God as the first thing we do when a problem comes instead of a last resort. This goes back to the fact that we are flawed and have limited power while God is perfect and has infinite power. What I cannot seem to understand is why we as a culture do not want to talk to God unless we are asking Him to bless our food or maybe on Sundays when we start a new study. Prayer does need to be a daily part of our day instead of a last resort.


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