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Scripture Memorization

“Let me say a few things to you about memorizing scripture. I hear people whine, ‘I cant memorize verses from the Bible. Its too hard!’ That’s ridiculous. These same people know every song on their favorite CD, and I know a couple of guys who can recite the entire dialogue from The Three Amigos word for word!”

From: a Call to die by David Nasser

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I am Second (Random)

You should all Watch this!

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The 10 commandments and what we need to remember

I am not saying that i can even really guess what God is thinking but in my own opinion I think that God see’s things in black and white.         Adultery: From the Bibles way of explaining the definition of this it would be any thought that is sexual in nature about anything, that… Continue reading The 10 commandments and what we need to remember